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over five decades
most of my sharp edges
not all
have been
tumbled away.

i am a polished stone
an agate
translucent showing off my virtues
in the sun
lambent in evening
a veil for my flaws

different than a diamond
an irregular geometrical solid

this rounded body
a set of solutions to a complex system of equations

maybe I’m a Kline quadric
my fourth dimension
memory and future

my roots have been imaginary numbers
derived from negative thoughts
and old memories

but now in this late afternoon mid-May light
streaming thought trees
setting behind the ridge
i sense
vectors of warmth
one astronomical unit
about ninety-three million miles away

i feel like a simple stone
present now
with a flash of insight

shining in this streak of quartz
cooled from an ancient volcano
and tumbled down through time

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I love looking out my window – over seasons, over days, over hours or minutes.
Just now the orange light over the newly green hill paled to soft yellow and the trees got just a shade darker on their way to indigo.
The vista is closing up fast with new leaves and soon the ridge will be out of sight.
I have pink blue-bells transplanted from my mother’s yard, from my childhood, and I’ve watched them spring up and open over the month.
Slowly the reflection of my room, the electric lights, take over the view out the window,
there is a moment when in and out merge.

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