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beginners’ mind house cat
tipping table top objects
their natural point of
from the

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no reflection

is clear

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I am very excited that the author of A Twisted Pair has quoted me in the post – Be here now – particularly since I hadn’t remembered writing the comment he quoted and it sounded pretty good – I had one of those, gee, did I write that moments?

But as an artist who has been working almost thirty years for a very limited audience I have been delighted to find others out here in a creative and nourishing nexus.

I am reminded of a professor I had in graduate school in the early 1990s – Teachers’ College, Columbia University.  I was improbably working on (but destined not to finish, thankfully) a Phd in math education. He had returned to teaching after working as an experimental mathematician for Bell Labs and he had done a lot of work on multidimensional geometry. He talked a lot about modeling geometric solids that had more than three connections in space from their vertices – any number, n dimensional! It ended up having a big impact on how phone traffic is routed.

This was all before the internet was much – but I suppose it was a vision as to how it works now – a connection, to a connection, to a connection – almost a living network of nerve cells.

And so we blog. But not to boost our ego, but to lose it in our work, in the game, as we are reminded by A Twisted Pair’s post – out here in the vastness of the internet….

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summer is a wave

leaves and flowers
burgeon and diminish

we  grasp the
tangent to the curve
and think the instant can be held straight
for the season

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Saturday nearly solstice morning
only highlights and black shadows
no mid-tones
a fine day
to walk with myself

in recollection and examination of experience
in my mind’s eye
the earth
cycles round the sun
to reach this climax
of light

now ths
lucent lambent moment
i reordered my cosmos
rotated my axis
expanded the day

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Elastic hair tie
Cat toy

Whose house is it

Plant stands
Crash down

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