Archive for April 10th, 2011

not knowing if i could depend on anyone else
i took up the power drill myself
to fix the rack in my

after all
i’m the only one who
can fix my own heart

it’s easy to leave it
broken like the closet rack
hanging precariously
unable to sustain weight

but the sun is out
and i got email
– you thought of me from so far
away and long ago –
so i replaced what was broken with a new part

ten thousand memories flooding as

i pack up my winter clothes
take out my summer clothes
thirteen times

now this last time
in my house
up for sale

each time the same, but slightly different
i know i’m older each year
april calls for spring


what if i cast off anything worn or broken
half my high-heeled shoes depart
keeping only what works
will i change

will it be easier to walk

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