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blue garbage truck

rainy day may

confetti’d  with apple blossoms

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february morning

sunday rain
a week’s worth
of snow
loosened and
waves of
washing water


i get wet


Saturday march 12 2011

9:30 am
day-light savings time’s
overcast belies
a higher angle
unseen sun’s occluded

hope of oncoming spring

I see blue crocus in winter’s leavings

life renewed


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my mother’s needles
hold memories
now two years passed on
i learn to purl

under over
knit  purl
i move these knots
casting on and off in patterns newly understood

staying up late
inheriting yarns

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january 16, 2011

twelve past four in the afternoon
winter light leaving day

i see

my feet standing on

water streaming over

gravel driveway

surrounding mist
thousand tiny rain drops


wetting my face
my shirt and pants

waking me up

what was that dream of grief

i reclaim my life


noticing the world is still here

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I am very excited that the author of A Twisted Pair has quoted me in the post – Be here now – particularly since I hadn’t remembered writing the comment he quoted and it sounded pretty good – I had one of those, gee, did I write that moments?

But as an artist who has been working almost thirty years for a very limited audience I have been delighted to find others out here in a creative and nourishing nexus.

I am reminded of a professor I had in graduate school in the early 1990s – Teachers’ College, Columbia University.  I was improbably working on (but destined not to finish, thankfully) a Phd in math education. He had returned to teaching after working as an experimental mathematician for Bell Labs and he had done a lot of work on multidimensional geometry. He talked a lot about modeling geometric solids that had more than three connections in space from their vertices – any number, n dimensional! It ended up having a big impact on how phone traffic is routed.

This was all before the internet was much – but I suppose it was a vision as to how it works now – a connection, to a connection, to a connection – almost a living network of nerve cells.

And so we blog. But not to boost our ego, but to lose it in our work, in the game, as we are reminded by A Twisted Pair’s post – out here in the vastness of the internet….

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My flight on Saturday was pretty amazing.

I drove through hail and sleet in Everett and was amazed to see the sky clearing to the north, when I could see at all, over Arlington.

My CFI A –, said it was okay to fly but we’d have to watch the weather closely. There were patches of blue overhead, but storms were moving around to the West and South. Bits of snow were swirling about.

We were back in the Evektor Sportstar LSA this time. I did the radio for the first time. “Arlington this is sports start… taking the active… Arlington.” (more…)

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February 19 2008

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but I have felt like I simply did not have the time. But this is the amazing thing about flying – it changes our perception of time. Of course we are all aware of Jet Lag when we fly across the continent and wind up on the East Coast where it is so much later – but I’m talking about something different – the compression and expansion of time and space. (more…)

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