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My flight on Saturday was pretty amazing.

I drove through hail and sleet in Everett and was amazed to see the sky clearing to the north, when I could see at all, over Arlington.

My CFI A –, said it was okay to fly but we’d have to watch the weather closely. There were patches of blue overhead, but storms were moving around to the West and South. Bits of snow were swirling about.

We were back in the Evektor Sportstar LSA this time. I did the radio for the first time. “Arlington this is sports start… taking the active… Arlington.” (more…)


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In the year that I’ve been in the air I can’t help but look around when I’m outside and wonder if this day would be a good day for flying. I think about the ceiling, the wind, the rain, whatever the sky has to dish out. Sometimes I spy small aircraft over my head and look up with envy.


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