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Sitting in the left seat for the first time was both very exciting and very comforting. Yesterday the weather at AWO was outstandingly beautiful and my instructor, although much younger than me, was relaxed and confident.

We walked around the airplane and he quizzed me about what I already knew – he complimented me for the knowledge I had while filling in what I lacked. The routine was familiar and encouraging.

“How much flying will I be doing?”

“Pretty much as much as you feel comfortable with -if you’re in trouble I’ll take the controls.”


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the gift of the now
the present of the present

too many of my nows are
interrupted by thens

but even those echos are an
ingredient in the instant

flooded by recollection
filters are fixed
remodeling unworkable

practicing  observation
rapt attention
I can feel the resonance
the feeling
of the memory

my recollections evolve into
hopping among branches
before they fly away

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