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arching back
pelvis rolling
tail flexing back
opening legs – hips expand
expand – inhale

rounding spine
thighs rotate closer
pelvis tipping up
towards chest
contract – exhale

our pulses
in complimentary reflection
each to each

in time
our dance

so simple

so basic

so fundamental

just now

just pleasure

just feeling

just breath


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first date kissing
us much dated
back seat bed
entwined disheveled entangled

give up

give in

steaming up windows
raising temperatures
careless thoughtless buoyant
young and free once more



compassionate caressing
witnessing want
breaking boundaries
push-up bra undone

quick breath


soft eyes occasion to open
street lamp’s  illumination
night’s sun
sees lips and tongues together
breathing bodies pulse anew


give in

intentions’ expectations
lake-side parking’s
bridge and
far shore homes alight …



just for tonight

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Due to major responsibilities this summer – and well, there are always excuses – I didn’t get to go fishing much this summer – only twice so far. And once my car window was smashed – and my rod broke on the same day. Still, It was glorious to be on the river …

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what what is need
what want is want
when wants gets what want wants
is it a burden

when want is not get
want moves us

motivation exploration ideation

but when want is get and get and get

and no give away
too heavy
to have to hold

wanting getting
letting go
not grasping
holding ideas in

balanced equations

these lines

of words

table of solutions
tucked away safe

just fitted lines

a gesture of a brush
the whole of my experience shines

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once us
is no us
no you
no me
just little i


time to turn and go

lover‘s steady subtle scorn
as open handed strikes
leave lasting contusions


time to turn and go

words stick
no good good-bye to tell
no way to dodge

the damage caused

time to turn and go

blue purple bruises
deep inside me

– i see –

when i see
just little i
at last alone
allowed to be – just me
words unspoke’ unlisten’d choked

no good good-bye can be


find the strength now
don’t look back now
and i
turn and


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passing my past
on each corner
where i’ve walked


years of moments
on these streets

the urban landscape changing
stop motion film
my life plays out

again on these streets

what was i then
who am i now
concrete questions

i have seen these buildings go up
and down and
down and up


changing with the decades

and me
how have i been transformed
walking by these
shifting structures
five decades worth of


all this inside me
changes’ richness
moments collected
bricks up down


sidewalks once


cracked with age

five decades worth of
eye’s  inspecting
ear’s composing
finger’s touching
feet feeling earth

texture gravity evolution

making sense

five decade’s consciousness resonate still

this deep breath

memory pulled to present
open soft eye’d vision
from then to


all who’ve walked
who walk with me now
all their recollections
sensations sensed



dancing random patterns
constant metamorphosis

web of life

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when there is no thing

we share
we share


not the nothing of ease
not the nothing of freedom
not the nothing of carrying water
or cutting wood

but the crushing nothing
the no thing
of no line
to complete the other
of the poem

the nothing of

no pair
of parallel
to see myself
being seen
or to see
with mine

nothing of just me


seeing with these eyes
completing that verse
finishing those chores

the no thing becomes

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what is here
in front of me
clean and dirty laundry


throwing treasures to the floor
recorded music resonates

my sadness

if i think about detachment

don’t own the un-mated sock
or the dishes
in the sink –
if i don’t own the cats
clawing at moths

and ripping the screen

do i own my sadness

what is there
behind me

distinctly discernible
patterns of pain
expectations, explanations, reasons and rational
big because-es

do i own my past
my sad specters

what is here
in front of me

cloudy morning
cats moving inside
breeze outside
hear the summer
soak in the green
fractal and chaotic patterns

of living leaves

do i own my future
my sadness sits

i watch it
i will not will it

it moves
on its own time
no different than
the cats
the leaves
the breeze

the dishes

the clean and dirty laundry

the solitary sock

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cloudless sky
breezes blowing away
the sun light
making brightness cool

i stand
on pebbled path
saturated in these waves, this radiation
from our close star

sun ticks off its timely orbit
each step moves me in space
and time
diurnal walk
i orbit this path
days and weeks and years

these days are so long now
new leaves glow yellow
feasting on the light
saving up –  even as individuals they must fade
and die

i carry myself
each foot-fall
articulate and purposeful
knowing this; the measure of each foot-fall
the march of my time

yet for a moment
looking inward
i stumble – caught unaware


radiant energy all around


tall grass waves and beckons
wild daises have contorted stems
fat robin hops then flies with no great care or effort
lonely bird calls in the distance
ferns unfold as from Jurassic forests
wild dill grown five feet – plate sized white spidery flowers spill over
blackberries’ tangled thorns threaten to take over
fire weeds’ magenta blossoms flames in a pyramid of blooms
wild cherry and crabapple trees have twisting limbs

we watched a grouse there once

wild roses show off their hips
elk have left paths and their pellets
fir trees, alder, and birch are silhouetted black against cerulan sky
– airplane above! six cylinders shout
electrical wires on wood poles – still tall, once live fir trees
dandelions yellow blossoms and white geometric orbs expanding
releasing parachuted seeds


this whole path a rail-road bed now un-railed
concrete bridge with chain link fences
stream flowing currents making patterns
trout swim constantly rising for food
in shallow water fish and shadow move as one
or in still sections chocked with
duck weed, green algae murky oily water
blue dragon flies, yellow iris

some beer cans sully the scene

sun starts to burn my arms

salmon berries ripe for eating
fox gloves spires with purple purses detailed with dots
wild flowers unnamed and unknown speak to my senses
ivory morning glories spirals unfold each day
axial forces of twining stems choke neighboring shrubs
thistle down fluffy flower and spiked spire
and a small dead weasel grimacing teeth

a vulture with very large wings flies slowly away

feet grounded
this trail and this track and this time
my fingers stretched out like the veins of a leaf
reaching into the light

lymph and sap
warm blood in birds
cold in the fishes
all of us chemical engines
elements and light energy



i am this – this is me

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feeling my role like a method actress
looking for the cues
to find my entrance
knuckles knock
on too many locked doors

twenty-seven small bones
sore in their sockets

No, no, no, no
No, no, no, no
like the Fifth begins with a knocking
it’s not closed in a closet
not – not – not  — there
not – not – not  — there
not in these twenty-seven
flanges – knuckles and fingers
not held

but in the twenty-six or twenty-eight
(depending on how you count…)
bones of my feet
accepting and supporting
my souls on the earth

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