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can you admire the moon
as she shines
new to full

not fearing the changeable tides
nor burdened by gravity’s pull

light blue half globe
dim in the day
or lost in the rain or clouds

glowing giant on horizon’s edge
bright in the night
reflecting day again

orbiting you
her light for you
waning and waxing for you

can you bear the shifting tides
the pull of gravity

for love

of the moon

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wrapping myself

in affection, adulation and attention


seeking simple sensation


from mind and spirit


neither can

fill heart’s hollow

childhood’s burden
liberty lost

to memory’s recursion


putting feet to earth

hand to brush and pen

mind to ideas

heart to feelings

examined, expressed, exposed
i regain the composition of my



unwrap, untangle, untie
dreams, delusions and distraction
find the facts
co-ordinates of experience

four space of

cohesive, comprehensive and creative



follow its map

path unfolds

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personal mazes
Walls clear
Or opaque
I see you now
Or not now

Your essence
Lively and real
Lives in my heart and head
You but not you

And you
Passing through your now
my now and not now
My essence
Lively and real
Me and not me
In your head and heart

Your maze has
High walls
many turns
False passages
Fill day’s hours

Don’t let me be a burden
Or obligation
In moments of oppression
Or fear

I am just this small i

For you

Now my now
Will find you
Your now

When we can

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removing my enjoyment of loving


i find love


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forgetting to look

doors open

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reaching out in that
my day
your night
both working

electronic miracle
these little cell phones
sharing sounds across an ocean of time
nine hours
nine lives transcended
now one now
one joyful now

tangling words
and tongues
we laugh
talking about talking
face to face

later I’m thinking about all the other possible


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even the sunshine
seemed only to
reflect the warmth of
your voice
back in conversation
like my next breath
your words
enter and fill me


constant motion


curves of my cheek
indentations of my eyes
by dream
our bodies dancing


constant motion
in the light of the waxing quarter silver moon

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