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once us
is no us
no you
no me
just little i


time to turn and go

lover‘s steady subtle scorn
as open handed strikes
leave lasting contusions


time to turn and go

words stick
no good good-bye to tell
no way to dodge

the damage caused

time to turn and go

blue purple bruises
deep inside me

– i see –

when i see
just little i
at last alone
allowed to be – just me
words unspoke’ unlisten’d choked

no good good-bye can be


find the strength now
don’t look back now
and i
turn and


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when there is no thing

we share
we share


not the nothing of ease
not the nothing of freedom
not the nothing of carrying water
or cutting wood

but the crushing nothing
the no thing
of no line
to complete the other
of the poem

the nothing of

no pair
of parallel
to see myself
being seen
or to see
with mine

nothing of just me


seeing with these eyes
completing that verse
finishing those chores

the no thing becomes

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saying that’s not what i
when i did
meaning i didn’t mean
for you to get
so hurt



written in response to a poem by Robert Lew

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it is with no small supply
of pebbles that we
pelt each others’

debris from the bottom
is stirred up

orange fish flash
among the green and blue
obscured by the silt


moments shared
shifted singular perceptions
history, disposition, and even gender

only parallax experience
knowing the different distance
me and you

the comparison of two
points of view

can give us any measure
of the one

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rain drops never reaching the ground
letters, poems written but unsent
phone calls never made

moisture leaves the saturated overburdened clouds
lightening their load
but no water hits the ground
and seeds can’t sprout

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i’m too brittle
i snap
and fall when
i need to flex
and spring

this strange season
snow in May

but it can’t stop the rain wet greenery that surrounds me

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i have a callous
on the heel of my left hand
from centering clay
on the potters’ wheel

the wheel provides the power
left hand pushes, right pulls
in balance
force, finesse, symmetry
to center

walking through my classroom
i put my hands on my students’
help them find their center
so they can learn harness

the spinning

in yoga
my teacher keeps asking ‘are you okay?’
shamed, I wonder if I look that bad
have I no balance
no center
no control?

or am I just an awkward sophomore again
this time
fifty and out of shape
looking for equilibrium that I have not yet grasped

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