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i am of the earth
humus and clay

eroded experience
composted wood and feathers

open and receptive


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Saturday morning
outside of class
on my own
without the teacher
no one to judge
in the company of my two cats
it’s easier to  stand on
one foot

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i have a callous
on the heel of my left hand
from centering clay
on the potters’ wheel

the wheel provides the power
left hand pushes, right pulls
in balance
force, finesse, symmetry
to center

walking through my classroom
i put my hands on my students’
help them find their center
so they can learn harness

the spinning

in yoga
my teacher keeps asking ‘are you okay?’
shamed, I wonder if I look that bad
have I no balance
no center
no control?

or am I just an awkward sophomore again
this time
fifty and out of shape
looking for equilibrium that I have not yet grasped

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